Isaac Skelton 

   Classical & Electric Music


Introduction - About Me

I love music, I play clarinet, bass, drums, guitar, and some piano, and I have written some classical songs which I am very proud of, I just started writting electric guitar music and my first song that I am creating is actually a remake of a well known game song. Age of Empires (AOE), this is only short version of it and I am hoping to get it out as fast as possible as well as the tab and notation.


I have uploaded some of my songs to the videos page and will eventually get them all up. For now you may comment on the online video's talk to people using the forums (about music) and also you can give me idea's on new songs. You may sign in here sign in

For people who have seen my NinevehGL post about the plane app click here.

My First Ever Song

Please keep in mind that its not the best because this was my first and alot of it was experimentation. This song is called Triumph and its is quite short. My other website you can access by using this link, Click Me!.

Other websites

If you are intrested in programming like me you can visit my other two programming websites below:

HTML Forums - More than just HTML

J ava and C++ - Downloadable source codes

The second link hasn't got any members yet but hopefully it will build, I have little members in HTML Forums to but still a statainable amount. Like the tag line says "More than just HTML", this means that any programming language is allowed.

Newest App

I have recently started iOS development and I have created a new project that is like a class writter for xcode; A simple way to create IBOutlets, IBActions, and (void) methods. I have become stuck with TableViews and many of my attempts have lead to crashs in my application, here is a XCode project in a zip file that you can download and fix for me, click here.

My First Short Book

I have just finished writing version one of my Learn NinevehGL Book, click download to download the book in docx format. PDF will be comming soon.